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I’ve been a therapist since the early 1980s when I was in my early 20s. I was trained by a group

of therapists who were drawing from a variety of approaches. That means I am trained to work

with people using a variety of modalities, including talk therapy, creative therapy, body-centered

therapy, cognitive therapy, and hypnosis. I am also trained as a Career Counselor. My tool kit is

well equipped to provide each person with a unique therapeutic experience. I hold the following


Vermont - LCMHC #58

Oregon - LPC #C4239

New Mexico - LPCC #CCMH0218901

National Board of Certified Counselors - NCC #10417



I offer individual psychotherapy for teens and adults. Drawing from decades of experience and training in psychodynamic, transpersonal, somatic and cognitive therapies. I will work with you to explore what's working, and what can be learned to make things work better. I work with trauma survivors, people exploring gender and sexual orientation, creatives, people in the mainstream of society and people who are marginalized.  
I am resuming in-person sessions with a focus on somatic work I am now calling The Zeichner Method, bringing together what I've learned from bodywork modalities like Cranio-Sacral, Rolfing, Hellerwork, Shiatsu, Swedish-Esalen, Reflexology, Trager, with psychotherapies. I will be available in the UK in the spring of 2024.

Psychotherapy sessions last 50 minutes and are held online via phone, Facetime, Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet. 
Bodywork sessions last around an hour, and are experienced in person. This is work on a blanket on the ground or on a table, clothing on.

Pricing is $100 - $200 per session, sliding scale, payment can be made online by debit or credit card.





Email me and let me know what you're looking for, what you'd like to work on.


Come to our first session with something specific you want to work on, a goal, something you'd like to change in your life.


He has offered me some varied and fantastic tools. I felt heard and understood and he offered me help in the right spots. Clearly he is extremely talented in this arena. I feel very lucky to of “stumbled upon” his work. - JA


Baruch has been very helpful to my situation. I have a lot going on and he seems to understand and listen to my concerns. I appreciate his help. - HO


Baruch has been an amazing counselor - insightful, helpful, and supportive. His experience shows through his thoughtful responses and questions, and he approaches therapy with a wide array of knowledge across fields and a sense of humor. I'm thankful to have found a therapist who is genuine and engaged, who can make a real impact on my life. - TA

The work Baruch has helped me to achieve has been transformative. I believe I am a more emotionally dimensional person and still learning to fully express myself for me and my loved ones. - MA


Baruch is very professional and compassionate. He listens well and asks insightful questions. I highly recommend him. - PE


Baruch is an extremely skilled and intelligent therapist. He offers very helpful reflections that guide me along in my process. - JO


Talking with Baruch has been, hands down, the most positive thing I have ever done. I feel heard and supported every time we talk and always walk away with a different perspective and new ideas to consider. - RY

I really appreciate the support, the suggestions and direction I get from Baruch during our sessions. I always feel empowered and capable after bringing an issue (usually that has to do with another human) that I feel hesitant to deal with to him. He listens, clarifies my big picture difficulty and gives me new tools or suggestions, while reminding me of what I know and what I have within myself. I can be vulnerable and HONEST with him. - AD


Baruch is truly a blessing. He creates a space that feels safe, a space where I feel comfortable sharing my inner most thoughts that may have previously caused shame within me. He has a multigenerational lens on life that is shocking and impressive. Baruch has such a wide range of tools to share, and the biggest heart you could imagine. He has reinstated my hope for men. - BE

Baruch is intuitive, solution-focused, fun, and supportive. He’s an amazing therapist!!! - TR


Baruch is professional, warm, funny, and compassionate always. A true credit to his craft. Really helped tremendously- I learned a lot and have better tools to cope with my trauma and depression related to my daughter’s addiction. Highly recommend!!! - CH


Baruch is an amazing counselor and human being. he is experienced kind and smart. I love how he does not only work on the roots of the problem but also offers you ways to help you break free. - DO


Baruch is by far, the most insightful and understanding human I’ve ever met. - ZA

Counseling & Psychotherapy Practice

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